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Sylvia Puca


My name is Sylvia Puca.

I provide Food Intolerance Testing/ Health Screening with the Asyra Pro. The Asyra is one of the most advanced Electro dermal screening devices. I am a fully qualified and registered Homeopath and Asyra Pro Practitioner. I also implement the Gaps diet (gut and psychology Syndrome) where necessary.

Food intolerances can be the results of various insults to the body, coupled with a persons unique hereditary background.

A weakened immune system, an overload of toxic substances, exposure to heavy metals, additives and suppressed emotions can all take there toll on our health, thus weakening our immune system. Repeated consumption of a few specific foods plays a large part in these issues.

This is a totally non invasive procedure, where the Asyra will test for energetic imbalances including Food sensitivity testing, environmental issues, heavy metals, emotional stressors, hormones and much more.

My emphasis is always on digestive health and the impact this has on our physical and emotional wellbeing.

As our gut is our second brain we can never disassociate the impact that food has on our day to day living and wellbeing.

I am extremely passionate about homeopathy and what it can do for the individual, coupled with good nutrition and the elimination of possible antagonistic foods.


  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Food Intolerance Testing
  • Health Screening/Allergy Profile



During the Consultation further nutritional advice and suggestions on supplementation will be given if this is of benefit to the clients wellbeing.

The Consultation approximately lasts an hour

Consultation Fee including remedies is £65